Mama's Milk Breast Pump

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Making expressing and collecting breastmilk easier than ever! This pump attaches purely with suction and can be left on to completely pump and drain your breast.

This stylish and comfortable breast pump will be your new breast--friend!! Here are some great examples of when to use her...

~ Whilst feeding your baby on one breast and attach the pump on the opposite breast to catch all that liquid gold that would otherwise be soaked up in your bra. Let's face it, no-one likes a wet bra!

~ When you need to relieve engorged breasts!

~ When you need to pump off the remainder of your breastmilk after babies feed.

Now you can Express discreetly and quickly with our silicon breast pump and let it pump do all the work!

Breast Pump Directions:

Sterilise pump before use

1. Fold the entire rim of the pump back all the way and squeeze the body of the pump

2. Place over your breast ensuring your nipple is in the centre of the neck of the pump

3. To initiate suction fold the rim of the pump over your breast and simply release the body of the pump

4. Once the pump is securely in place and suction activated, sit back and allow the pump to work its magic hands-free!

If required gentle squeeze the body of the pump to create more suction.

When finished gently lift the rim from your breast to release the suction.

Use the milk drop stopper lid to prevent any spills.

Making Expressing Milk Easy!

Both breast pump and milk drop stopper are made with Food Grade Silicone and BPA free.

Dishwasher and steriliser safe